I need to write more often

Shit, its been like TWO YEARS since I last posted. I really need to post more often to this thing.

Reading my last entry has made me realise how much better my life is now though. I have wonderful friends, that asshole I was sleeping with I told him where to shove it and I'm happy. Even if I'm now old (LATE 20s NEXT MONTH! OMG!)

25th Birthday

So I had massive plans for my birthday weekend. My flatmate was going to take my our Saturday night. Except, that she has a new 'boyfriend' (of all of two weeks, and I give it two more months) and she HAS to meet his family tonight. The night before my 25th, when she promised to take me out. So I find this out last night.

I arrange with another friend (who might have some additional benefits) that he'll come over to my place tonight and keep me company watching DVDs. Except that he worked today and is 'tired' and feels he can't drive over. So the night before my 25th birthday two so called friends have bailed on me and left me alone at home, being all emo and crying at my computer screen. I hate my life.

Worst part? Both of them know that I have few friends over here. Flatmate 'at least' gave me a day's notice. FWB? Told me at 5.30 tonight. Stupid fucking asshole that he is. No time to contact the one other friend I have in Perth and beg a night out off her.

Am I that horrible a person that people have no problem doing this to me?


So I didn't post once a week, but who cares? I'll try to be more updating, but I don't want to be tied down.

So cars. Stupid, stupid things. I'll have spent over $1600 to get my cars over the pits here in WA and that's not even paying for the pits OR the rego costs! Thankfully they're much cheaper and I will have a better running car when its all done (plus vanity plates, sweet! They come in hot pink too!) but still! Thank God for credit cards.

Of course my computer decided to shit itself last week as well, so in addition to all the car costs, I had to pay for a new box for my computer. Damn money.

RIP Heath

How sad is it about Heath Ledger? Only 28, that's only three years older than me! My thoughts go out to his poor family (imagine having to hear a family member died on the radio?) and especilly his poor little girl.

How can people write in these things every day?

I've never been a diary person. I remember Year 9 English where we had journal once a week for 45 minutes. I think in six months I wrote one page (and read every other lesson, so I did too learn Mr Smith!) I'm just not that expressive. I WILL keep up my resolution though if it kills me!

Well hello there 2008! Nice to meet you!

So had a decent time last night. Got horribly drunk, met some nice people. It was good.

Decided I was going to start the new year nice and early. Of course that didn't happen (this is me you're talking about!) and woke up at 2pm. Oh well, I always get up early for work.

I've already posted my '08 resolutions (and by posting this I've kept up one of them!) but here's how I want my 2008 to go.

I want to be happy and fufilled at work (so far so good). I want to get myself out of debt but still be able to live in a decent way. I want to meet lots of new people and get myself a group of friends in Perth. I want to enjoy softball (and hopefully win a game!) and have fun with fitness. I want to have lost at least 30kg by the end of the year. (which would take me down to 90kg) I want to be in my own apartment (even if it is paying more, I need my own place. Share housing sucks) by July.

Most of all I want to be HAPPY! Yay for 2008 and all the promise it brings!
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Going Home

Deciding to move across the country is so much easier when you're actully over there. Now I'm home and have to go back its much, much harder! I cried when I left my aunties yesterday, cried when I left my grandparents today and will cry when my parents leave me at the airport. Growing up oficially sucks!

New Year Resolutions

So looking at last years resolutions (and how sad that was my last post!) I managed to get half done.

I moved out of home (and moved to Perth so yay me! Don't do things be halves) and I got more organised (by throwing everything out)

So my NYR are...

1) Get fit and healthy.
2) Have a buffer of $1000 in my account.
3) Get rid of my debt.
4) Get friends in Perth.
5) Post on this once a week.

I can start working on them when I get home (am in Sydney for Xmas) and have accses to more things.

New Year's Resolutions

The last in a line of posts. What is with me today?

Anyways, I have decided to post my New Year's Resolutions. I'm still going to carry them around in my wallet, but I want them online too.

1. This year is the year I will FINALLY get fit and healthy.

2. Have savings of at least $5,000 at the end of the year.

3. Become better orgainsed.

4. Move out of home.

The first three are variants of last years's, which each had various ammounts of success (1. no sucess, 2. was $10 grand and did that, but most of it went on my trip and 3. I was oragnised till April!) and 4 is happening once I get back from Africa in March. I WILL achieve them all this year.

John Howard's place in Australian history.

This little rant came up when discussing Saddam's hanging with a friend. Which led straight to Mr. Bush and Mr. Howard. I'm quite proud of my eloquence so I'm putting it here for all to see. I'm so modest.

Personally, the only thing I wish for my country is that Howard goes down as our worst PM. This country is not the one I grew up in and I put the blame squarely at Mr. Howard's feet for that. We're a racist, redneck, xenophobic country who don't like helping people, but are happy to go into senseless wars. I've said this before, but I'm no longer proud to call myself Australia and I HATE John Howard and his government for taking that away from me.